Modifying Default Treasury Symbol Cancellation Date Behavior

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Recently I’ve been doing a little work with converting a large number of Treasury Symbols on my current project into Fed Admin.  I came up with a quick form personalization to change the default cancellation date logic from ’01-OCT-20XX’ to ’30-Sep-20XX’ and I thought I’d share in case it was helpful to anyone else.

Oracle defaults the ’01-Oct’ as the cancellation date out of the box when creating new treasury symbols.  However,  in order for the standard year-end processes to execute properly for cancelled funds (& apply the Cancelled Fund closing logic), the treasury symbols need to have a cancellation date in the same fiscal year that the closing process is being run for. Thus the need for the date to be 30-September.


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Recap on adding items for the new American Recovery Act Symbols

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Getting new Federal Account Symbols assigned to an agency isn’t exactly an every day occurrence, but I’m seeing a lot of that with the new funding being distributed as part of the recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (which was of course signed right here in Denver).  As a quick refresh, the following steps are necessary to start using these new accounts:

1) Setup the new Funds in the Accounting Flexfield value-set (Setup > Flexfields > Key > Values) .  If any parent hierarchies are being used, be sure to make sure they are properly updated.

2) Setup the new Treasury Account Codes (Fed Admin: Setup > Appropriation > Treasury Account Codes) which includes setting up the new 4-digit main account, the main account description, and the Fund Type.

3) Setup the new Treasury Symbols (Fed Admin: Setup >Appropriation > Federal Account Symbols) and then click the Parameters button to complete the Treasury Symbol setup including associating the Fund Parameters record with the AFF Fund value.  The Fund must be linked to a Treasury Symbol to support Budget Execution, FACTS and other Fed Admin functionality.

4) Setup the Budget Accounts (Fed Admin: Setup >Appropriation > Budget Accounts) to link these additional attributes to the Treasury Symbols.

5) Setup the Budget Distributions (Fed Admin: Budget > Define > Budget Distributions) to support entering Appropriations and distributing the money for the new funds.

6) If using Projects, its likely that new Projects may need to be setup for the new funds depending on how Projects is implemented and how account generator is driving the fund value.

Treasury Symbols data is stored in a few tables:

fv.fv_fund_groups,fv.fv_treasury_symbols, fv.fv_fund_parameters & fv.fv_facts_federal_accounts

If you’re a Discoverer customer……


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