Important R12 FV PO Commitment Accounting Attribute Assignment Updates identified in patch 13610367

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Patch 13610367, released earlier this year, provided an update to the seeded Federal Purchasing AAD that is important for all R12.1 Federal PO Customers to understand, even if not using the seeded Federal SLA definitions.  The AAD change included updates to a couple of the key Accounting Attribute Assignments for the FV PO Commitment JLT. 

The changes were:

Accounting Attribute Assignment: Allocated to Distribution Type, changed to source: Allocated to Main Document Distribution Type
Accounting Attribute Assignment: Allocated to First Distribution Identifier, changed to source: Allocated to Main Document Distribution Identifier

The SLA configuration we’re using at my current gig is non-seeded and agency-unique but modeled after the FV.B 9000001 seeded FV SLA definitions.  At first, I didn’t understand how this patch could be relevant  to us, but Support and Development were suggesting it was a solution to some PO accounting issues.  Upon digging deeper, I realized that the accounting assignments are a key driver in how the po_req_distributions_all.encumbered_flag/encumbered_amounts are updated upon AutoCreate.

The way these come into play is that:

1) the XLA create accounting process will leverage the specific accounting attribute assignments to drive how data is inserted into certain columns in xla_distribution_links and then,

2) the po_encumbrance_postprocessing package uses the data inserted into the specific xla_distribution_links.alloc_to_dist_id_num_1 field as a key join for going back and updating the po_req_distributions_all.encumbered_flag/encumbered_amount data. 

If the accounting attribute assignments populate the xla_distribution_links.alloc_to_dist_id_num_1 with bad data, the  po_req_distributions_all encumbered data is not updated properly.  This causes multiple problems with other downstream PO XLA processing related to the autocreated lines, such as PO Line Unreserve/Rereserve and Cancellation actions.  Also, if customers have 4700 Reconciliation analysis built off these po_req_disributions_all fields, those Recons will likely be way off.

Honestly, I was not expecting that a SLA JLT configuration such as this would be a driver in that kind of PO encumbrance functionality, but now I know and wanted to share.  For anyone with custom PO Commitment JLTs in environments using Requisitions, I recommend looking hard at this to see if it helps with any issues and you’ll likely want to make these updates in your PO Commitment JLTs as well.

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Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management Webcast – November 4th

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If you’re like me and September was blur due to the Federal Year-End, you might have missed that the long-awaited Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector (CLM) was officially released by Oracle in early September, as part of E-Business Suite 12.1.3.  Oracle and CACI have teamed up over the past few years to develop this new offering focused on finally providing an integrated, full end-to-end procurement solution in the E-Business Suite that meets Federal Contracting needs.  CLM is built on top of the EBS Advanced Procurement Suite and provides a host of additional Federal-specific functionality required and/or typically desired by the Federal Contracting community.

Here are links to two Oracle/CACI Press Releases on the new CLM product.  Press Release 1. Press Release 2.

Here is the link to the Oracle DataSheet on the new CLM product.

To help spread the word, Oracle & CACI are hosting a webcast on the new CLM offering on Thursday, November 4th at 2pm Eastern.   Click here for the Oracle Event registration page.

When Googling for any CLM-related news, I also noticed a few YouTube videos have been posted, so I thought I’d have a little fun & embed those links as well for anyone interested.


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Federal Contract Lifecycle Management Collateral from the Feb. 3 event

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FYI, if you missed the CACI/Oracle procurement event & are interested in reviewing the various presentations and white paper produced around it,  Oracle has put the material up for download via the Oracle Solutions Factory at  You’ll need the PIN for the event to access it, which I’m sure is available from agency apps reps/partner POCs.

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Oracle/CACI Contract Lifecycle Event – Feb3

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Well, its been almost a month since my last post, but I’ve now got the Christmas tree and all the rest of holiday decorations packed back away.  So hopefully I can do a bit better job of putting content out here.

Wanted to mention that Oracle and CACI are hosting an event on Feb 3 in DC, around their collaborative enhancement of the E-Business Suite Federal Contracting capabilities.   Click here to see additional details on the location, speakers and times.  Suggest touching base with your agency’s friendly apps rep or partner rep on details to register.

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Oracle/CACI team for next generation Federal Procurement

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Oracle announced during the 2008 Federal Forum a teaming agreement with CACI.  Future releases of Oracle’s Advanced Procurement Suite will benefit from this collaboration including meeting common federal procurement complaints such as numbering contract lines, standard contract format, and automated contractual numbering that follows federal guidelines.  Additional information about this agreement can be found here.

Update 13Nov08:  Official CACI press release is available here.

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