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This blog is intended to be a resource for the Oracle Federal community focused on sharing information to enhance the value attained from Oracle E-Business Suite installs at Federal Agencies.  Through better knowledge and understanding of product capabilities, Federal agencies can achieve higher quality implementations, upgrades and other enhancements to current environments.  I expect that we’ll primarily concentrate on Federal Financials, Procurement and Projects topics, since these are widely used in the Federal space, but that in no means should be a limitation.

I encourage anyone interested to join me as a blog author to further enhance the frequency and quality of information provided to the community. Just email me to participate.


Larry Baugh
Larry has been supporting Oracle Federal E-Business Suite Customers/Initiatives (DoD & Civilian) for 12+ years in various Functional, Technical and Management Roles.  Core areas of expertise include Fed Admin, Financials Modules, Purchasing, Procurement Contracts, Projects, XML Publisher, Discoverer, etc.  He founded Apps Ingenuity LLC and is currently supporting both 11i10 and R12.1 Federal Projects in a subcontractor role.  Larry lives and works in Colorado.
(Contact Info: larry.baugh@appsingenuity.com, AIM:larrybaugh9, Yahoo IM: larrybaugh, LinkedIn)
Larry Baugh-Resume

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3 Responses to “About”

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a few questions if you don’t mind

1. One source we have stated “GL journals are not integrated with SLA functionality”. Is this a correct statement? Does this mean that imports from non-eBusiness Suite applications (e.g., Budget system) must use their own rules to fully populate the accounting flex fields and the activity does not show in SLA drill down reports? Any other major significance to this statement?

2. Any significant impacts to activity interfaced / imported from other non-Oracle EBS applications other than AFF value changes (if any), Ledger identifier?

3. I assume ADI feature still exists to enter GL JEs but would not be integrated with the SLA since they are GL journals.

4. In understanding impact to custom developed reports:
• Do the physical database field names for the AFF (accounting flex fields) change? In 11i, they are in the GL Code Combinations table as generic names such as Segment1, Segment2, Segment 3…
• If we go the upgrade route, would these map over one for one without change?
• What about the Chart of Accounts value as I understand it is being replaced by Ledger and Ledger Set values?
• Any other “key” field name or concept change in R12 such as Period_Name, JE_Source, JE_Category or (Journal) Name?

5. Do I interpret your slide 35 from your Denver presentation in 2008 to mean that our organzation could use the SLA functionality to prepare a set of CGAC compliant financial reports but retain our legacy accounting books for internal puroses. That is, SLA could enable this approach by writing the accounting rules specifically for CGAC

Thank you for your help and all the good work to date

Geoffrey Davis


Great Site/Blog. I did not know about this until now.

I am working on an upgrade from to 12.1.3 and also change from PSA/Encumberance to Federal accounting method. My question is what options I need to change in AP and AR to be able to accomplish that.

Wonder if you can point to some specifc and succint documentation on this topic.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Anil,

There is definitely standard documentation in Oracle’s documentation repository and notes on MOS which would help you, but it is a bit scattered around.

But the biggest things off-hand I can think of you may need to change/check are:
-Make sure ‘Enable Budgetary Control’ is enabled for the Ledger in (Accounting Setup Options) & ‘Require Budget Journals’ is enabled either at the Ledger-level or at the Funds Control Budget level. Reference the GL User Guide for more info on the GL Budgetary Control functionality.
-Make sure the profile FV: Federal Enabled is set to Yes. If it is not, navigate to Federal Administrator & run the Load Federal Seed Data Program
-Your SLA implementation will need to utilize a SLAM that supports Federal Accounting processes (e.g. based off the seeded United States Federal SLAM) & include Budgetary Control JLDs for AP (& PO if your environment includes PO).

Since you may already have PSA/Encumbrance implemented, a lot of other necessary setups may already be in place, but be sure to review MOS note: 1086669.1 FAQ Encumbrance Accounting – Setup and Usage, which also contains some FAQs on Federal.

Hope that helps,


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