gl_je_lines import references for Treasury Confirmation journals

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The other day I was dealing with needing to get some additional subsidiary detail for some Payables – Treasury Confirmation journal lines and since the relationships aren’t well documented, I’ll post them here.

For journal source = ‘Payables, journal category = ‘Treasury Confirmation’, the following are what the gl.gl_je_lines reference columns include:

reference_1 = fv.fv_treasury_confirmations.treasury_confirmation_id
reference_3 = ap.ap_checks_all.check_id
reference_4 = ap.invoices_all.invoice_id
reference_5 = hr.hr_all_organization_units.organization_id

I, along with others, have run into some situations where it would have been nice to have a link to invoice_distribution_id to support detail level gl to subsidiary module reconciliation efforts, but if I remember correctly, the confirmation journal entries aren’t necessarily at that lowest level of detail.

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Improving SQL Developer Performance and Eliminating Screen Redraw Issues on Vista

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This isn’t anything Federal-specific, but I just wanted to share it since it has definitely made my day.  I’ve been dealing with some SQL Developer performance issues for a while and due to heavy use lately in looking at a lot of conversion data and program code, the issues been getting more and more annoying.  If you’re not familiar with the tool, SQL Developer is Oracle’s free DB query tool similar to TOAD, SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer, etc.  Click here to goto Oracle’s SQL Dev page for more info and to download.  I’ve been using SQL Dev since it first came out and have been pretty happy with it, especially since its free.  However when I upgraded to Vista a while back, I started noticing that the SQL editor window would frequently garble the code when scrolling quickly such as:



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Modifying Default Treasury Symbol Cancellation Date Behavior

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Recently I’ve been doing a little work with converting a large number of Treasury Symbols on my current project into Fed Admin.  I came up with a quick form personalization to change the default cancellation date logic from ’01-OCT-20XX’ to ’30-Sep-20XX’ and I thought I’d share in case it was helpful to anyone else.

Oracle defaults the ’01-Oct’ as the cancellation date out of the box when creating new treasury symbols.  However,  in order for the standard year-end processes to execute properly for cancelled funds (& apply the Cancelled Fund closing logic), the treasury symbols need to have a cancellation date in the same fiscal year that the closing process is being run for. Thus the need for the date to be 30-September.


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Oracle iGovernment Webcast – 4 Feb

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Are you wondering what Oracle iGovernment is? I first started seeing the term used about the time of Open World 2008.  I haven’t done too much research yet, but it pretty much looks like a marketing term being used to represent a broad collection of Oracle software that government organizations could utilize.  Oracle describes it as “A platform of database, middleware, and applications built on open standards and a service-oriented architecture (SOA)”, which pretty much covers most of what Oracle produces.

Feel free to visit http://www.oracle.com/industries/government/igovernment.html and http://blogs.oracle.com/iGovernment/ to learn more.  There is an archived webcast available and a 2nd webcast will be conducted on 4 Feburary.

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Patch 5200606 Impacts FACTS II Beginning Balances Amounts

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Wanted to relay a tip I got from Kim Fix (DOI-NBC) on a patch that’s causing some issues with the FACTS II outputs.  It seems that patch 5200606 causes a problem in that beginning balances are no longer showing on some of the FACTS II outputs.  It looks like this patch modifies FACTS II functionality assuming the new Treating Budgetary balances is being used as Balance Sheet balances instead of the traditional Carry Forward method (see prior post for more detail on this switch).  So agencies who haven’t yet switched to the new method should probably double-check the FACTS II outputs as part of the patch testing prior to moving the patch into production.  Kim is working w/Oracle Support on a SR for the issue and I’ll try to relay any further updates.

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Preferred Federal Presentations at Collaborate ’09??

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As part of the recent request for presentation topics for the OAUG Collaborate ’09, I submitted 4 different topics for consideration that are relevant to the Federal E-Business Suite Community.  I thought I’d test out the new poll functionality available on the blog by querying readers on what would be the preferred topics and coming up with a ranking of the topics.  Here’s what I submitted:

Budgetary Control Demystified: Innovative Approaches for Solving Federal Funds Management Challenges

This session articulates fundamentals of E-Business Suite General Ledger and Projects Budgetary Control configurations, Federal Budget Execution and traditional General Ledger Budgeting to enhance understanding of the various Funds Management capabilities.

Learn how the US Air Force Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) is employing numerous innovative, standard functionality-based approaches to address multiple statutory and managerial dimensions of funds management requirements.

Moving Forward with Integrated Federal Procurement and Eliminating 3rd Party Contracting Software

This session provides a review of recent E-Business Suite Procurement Suite enhancements including Procurement Contracts, Sourcing and Purchasing aligned with fulfilling various Federal Acquisition requirements and integrating with required systems.

Federal E-Business Suite customers will learn how R12 Procurement modules, paired with XML Publisher, enable a compliant, fully integrated Financials/Procurement solution that provides real-time updates to status of funds balances based on contract actions.

What’s in it for my Agency?  R12 Federal Features and Value-Added Benefits of Upgrading.

This session provides an overview of R12 enhancements and features with a focus on relevant topics to Federal E-Business Suite customers. Session focuses on Federal financials, projects and procurement modules.

Attendees will learn how to derive additional value through leveraging new R12 features and the business case for upgrading. The level of effort for implementing various new functionality will be discussed to identify “quick-hits” for investment return.

Goodbye T-Codes! An Intro to R12 Subledger Accounting for Federal Financials.

 This session provides an introduction to R12 Subledger Accounting concepts, capabilities and terminology with a focus on relevant topics to Federal Financials customers.

Learn Subledger Accounting basics and benefits, the Accounting Methods Builder, applicable standard reports and reconciliation tools, secondary ledgers and other features. Presentation includes new R12 Projects Subledger Accounting functionality for Federal.

I tried to setup the poll to allow write-ins, so feel free to suggest others that could potentially be suggested for the FEDSIG meeting, or covered in some other medium.

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OracleFedApps Blog Introduction

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It seems there’s a blog about lots of different things these days, especially Oracle, but there has been a void relative to this type of platform for sharing Oracle E-Business Suite Federal-related interest items.  As mentioned in the About page, I’m initiating this blog to enhance knowledge-sharing among the Federal Oracle Apps Community.  Implementing, upgrading and supporting E-Business environments for Federal Agencies can be challenging, thus the more we all know, the higher the quality of the systems delivered.

I’m going to work to share news, insights, perspectives, solutions and whatever else I come up with, but also strongly encourage others to join me in this effort.  I can setup additional authors from agencies, consulting firms, independents and whoever else may want to participate.

I anticipate the blog will focus on a variety of Federal-related topics encompassing 11i, R12, lessons-learned in the trenches of managing production environments, lessons from ongoing implementations, R12 Upgrade Considerations, new functionality released, helpful patches and whatever else we come up with.  Certainly, the wider the breadth of our contributors, the better informed we’ll all be.

Thanks for visiting and it will certainly be interesting to see where this goes.

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