11i10 FV Status of Funds Availability Patch 7327551 Corrects Inconsistent Results

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For those out there who have been wanting to utilize the Fed Admin Status of Funds Availability Reports more (Concurrent Program Name: Status of Funds Availability Process), but have been frustrated by inconsistent results, we recently worked with Oracle Support to resolve some issues around the inconsistencies. As a result, Oracle recently published bug/patch 7327551 to correct two key issues we identified. For clarification, we worked with the “Available Balances” report available as part of this process.

The behavior we were seeing was:

Problem #1: If we ran the report multiple times back to back we got incorrect results. This seemed indicative that the process was not completely clearing itself out after each run. Honestly we didn’t dive too deep into the code to see exactly why, we left it up to Oracle to fix (isn’t that why they get those support fees!), but it seemed that the process wasn’t clearing out a temp table (or something of that sort) for each run and the leftover data was also included in subsequent outputs. For example, if we ran the same report 3 times back to back to back with the exact same parameters, we found that:

1. The first report output displayed a correct appropriation balance.
2. The second report output displayed the amount of the appropriation balance doubled.
3. The third report output didn’t show any results. i.e. The report displayed *End of Report* and did not print out the accounting flexfield elements or the appropriation totals.

We uploaded examples of 3 report outputs to demonstrate this issue, which Oracle was able to quickly replicate following our instructions.

Problem #2: If multiple users run the report at the same time, the report printed out results from other users’ concurrent request results. There’s nothing quite like entering parameters such as fund or whatever and then receiving an output that doesn’t even reflect the parameters entered. To prove out this issue, we had multiple users simultaneously submitting the requests and sharing the outputs. Again, Oracle was also able to quickly replicate the issue, which I’m sure was tied to the first problem.

The issues were referred to development and we got a patch back to test in one week’s time. Our testing has been successful and the patch definitely seems to have solved the issues. I’d also like to point out that these reports are Real-Time, so if FSGs or something more gl_balance-based is being used, these reports can now give more accurate results. They utilize similar logic as the Funds Available Inquiry form (Fed Admin: Inquiry>Funds Available), by combining posted balances from gl_balances and unposted balances from gl_bc_packets.

Hope this helps. If these reports aren’t being used, they’re relatively easy to setup for someone who has a decent understanding of what the USSGLs represent.  Thanks to Leslie Steinkamp, a co-worker of mine at CapCity, for helping to tag-team on solving these issues.


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